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Lens and camera supports:
     • LensMaster RH-2 Gimbal Review
     • LensMaster RH-1 & M-1 Gimbals Review
     • 393 Gimbal (Manfrotto) Review
     • Ball head SBH-300 (Vanguard) Review & comparison with Acratec Ultimate
     • Gimbal mount types comparison chart
     • Monopod - 685B NeoTec (Manfrotto) Review & technique tips
     • 234 Tilt head (Manfrotto) on NeoTec monopod
     • NeoTec monopod - Safety cable for pod foot
     • Dry legs for your tripod
     • The Flying Saucer Ball Head
     • Ground Pod for the Flying Saucer Ball Head
     • The Butterfly Bean Bag version II
     • The Magic Bean Bag
     • Bean bags
     • Rotating Mount for sport video cams (kayak application)
     • Easy Holster Strap for Backpack Harness
     • Quick and dirty "Camera Harness"

GoPro / sport video cam gadgets:
     • Rotating Mount for sport video cams (kayak application)
     • Chest harness for GoPro

Miscellaneous & Tips:
     • Getting Closer To Your Subjects (Field Craft)
     • Photographing Wild Horses on North Carolina's Coast
     • Improving Your Images with Sharper Eyes
     • The Walkstool - Review
     • Strap-on Harness for the Hoodman Loupe
     • Using Back-button Autofocus
     • A Guide to Choosing Your Gimbal
Projects & Articles Gallery -
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Projects & Articles by topic:

Lens Covering / Protection:
     • Die-cut Camouflage for super-telephotos (and tripods)
     • Ghillie Camouflage for super-telephotos (and tripods)
     • Camo lens jacket for super-telephotos
     • Folding lens hood & lens cap for super-telephotos
     • Camo lens cover for zoom lens (external zoom)
     • Padded sleeve lens protection for super-telephoto
     • Dry bag lens protection (lens with body attached)
     • Dry bag dual lens/body protection (from my kayaking site)
     • Backpack style case for super-telephoto

Carrying Your Equipment:
     • Camo camera bags from duck blind bags
     • Unique Zippered Front Holster for Large Lenses
     • Photo equipment Cart for outdoors
     • Dry bag/camera bags for kayaking
     • Dry bag dual lens/camera bag (from my kayaking site)
     • Backpack style case for super-telephoto
     • Gura Gear Bataflae 32L camera backpack - Review
     • Add-on pocket/pouch for backpacks
     • Tripod shoulder pad - Better, Safer Technique

Personal & Equipment Camouflage and Blinds:
     • Effective Use of Camouflage (tips)
     • Leafy die-cut Camo Suit (& matching lens/tripod camo)
     • Ghillie suit construction (& matching lens/tripod camo)
     • Ghillie Blanket, two-sided & reversible
     • Lightweight Portable One-man Blinds
     • Fold-down Marsh Blind / floating equipment carrier w/seat
     • PVC blind frame for camo netting
     • Waterproof Camo Cover for backpack
     • Camo cover for camera holster
     • Camo cover for gimbal head
     • Camo body drape

Boat / kayak camouflage:
     • Lightweight Kayak Camo
     • Camo cover frame for kayak
     • One-man Duck boat camouflage
     • Kayak Cover & Center Skirt for Native Ultimate Tegris