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Die-cut Leafy Camo Suit with matching
Leafy Camo Lens Cover & Tripod Skirt
Ghillie Suits with matching
Ghillie Lens Covers & Tripod Skirts
Telephoto Lens Camo Jackets Camo Lens Covers
Camo Netting Body Drape Ghillie Blanket - Two Sided/Reversible Super-telephoto Padded
Lens Protection
Padded Lens Protection
for Dry Bags & Backpacks
Camo camera bags from
duck blind bags
Waterproof Camo Cover
for backpack
Super-telephoto Lens Case
for Backpacking
Padded Two-camera Pack for large
dry bag (from my kayaking site)
Walkstool Holster Improved Tripod shoulder pad -
A Better, Safer Technique
A Tripod Shoulder Pad Photo Equipment Cart for the field
Lightweight Portable One-man Blinds Fold-down Marsh Blind & floating
equipment carrier with seat
PVC blind frame for camo netting Camo cover for camera holster
Camo cover for gimbal head Dry legs for your tripod The Flying Saucer Ball Head Ground Pod for the
Flying Saucer Ball Head
Kayak Cover & Center Skirt for
Native Ultimate Tegris
Small Boat or Kayak
Camouflage Frame
Lightweight Kayak Camo The Butterfly Bean Bag version II &
Butterfly Bean Bag Instructions
Rotating Mount for sport video cams
(kayak application)
Chest harness for GoPro Easy Holster Strap for
Backpack Harness
The Magic Bean Bag
Quick and dirty "Camera Harness" Unique Zippered Front Holster
for Large Lenses
Folding Lens Hood & Lens Cap
for super-telephotos
Basic Bean Bags
Strap-on Harness for the
Hoodman Loupe
NeoTec monopod - Safety cable
for pod foot
Reviews, Tips and Advice

Gura Gear Bataflae 32L
camera backpack
- Review
LensMaster RH-2 Gimbal - Review LensMaster RH-1 & M-1 Gimbals - Review Vanguard SBH-300 Ball head - Review
& comparison with Acratec Ultimate
Manfrotto 393 Gimbal - Review The Walkstool - Review Manfrotto 234 Tilt Head on
NeoTec monopod
Manfrotto 685B NeoTec Monopod -
Review & technique tips
Getting Closer To Your Subjects
(Field Craft)
The Effective Use of Camouflage A Guide to Choosing Your Gimbal Using Back-button Autofocus
The Eyes Have It -
Improving your images
Photography Locations

Location: Photographing Wild Horses
on North Carolina's Coast
Location: J.N. "Ding" Darling NWR
Sanibel, Florida
Location: Estero Lagoon
Fort Myers Beach, Florida
Location: Black Point Wildlife Drive
Merritt Island NWR, Titusville, Florida
Location: Bird Rookery at St. Augustine
Alligator Farm/Zoo, Florida