Equipment For Nature Photography

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Handy Tips
Quick and dirty "Camera Harness" - Get that weight off your sore neck. With a camera backpack (or even a hiking backpack) and a camera strap with snap buckles, you can turn them into a harness for free.

Easy Chest Harness for a camera "holster" - Get that weight off your belt for greater comfort. With either a hiking backpack or camera backpack, you can add a little web strapping, two key rings and a snap or buckle to harness up your camera holster.

      Sometimes it's difficult to separate tips on "technique" from "equipment" tips, so there will be some overlap here. Some of this information is linked from other sites because it provides views other than just my own about the same equipment I use. Please note that because I link to other websites for some of this information, you may come across broken links when the sites move things around. Though I will try to keep track of these changes, something is sure to eventually slip my attention.

     Lens Master RH-2 Gimbal Head - After using my 393 gimbal for 6 years, I developed an interest in a single post "J" type gimbal. The problem was, every one of them of every brand used Arca-Swiss clamps, and I refused to use an Arca-Swiss on my equipment. The stalemate lasted until I discovered the Lens Master RH-2 gimbal. Here's the story, and review -
  • The Lens Master RH-2 gimbal

  •      Manfrotto 393 (3241) Gimbal Head - When trying to decide what to do about a gimbal head to use with my 500mm lens I read everything I could find on it. Here is what some others have to say about it -
  •    Andy Bright's review
  •    Ophrys Photography (scroll down to the bottom)
  •    My thoughts on the 393 Gimbal

  •       Manfrotto 685B NeoTec Monopod - I bought my first monopod specifically to facilitate "hand-holding" of my 500mm lens on those occasions when dragging along a tripod would not be so handy.
  •    Using the 685B NeoTec monopod with a large telephoto lens.

  •      Transporting and Protecting Your Super-telephoto - Some thoughts on ways to pad and protect that big glass you've invested so much money in, and examples of how I manage my investment in various shooting environments.
  •    Transporting and Protecting Your Super-telephoto

  •      Good Camouflage in Bird Photography - Each discipline of photography has it's own needs. Landscape, underwater, macro, panoramic, architectural, etc., all use special lenses and equipment you may never need for anything else. For bird and wildlife photography the art of camouflage certainly has its place. Any serious wildlife photographers are eventually going to use some sort of camouflage, even if it's just a commercial blind. Here are my thoughts on the hows and whys of camo in my full-page article on....
  •    Choosing and using good camouflage

  •      Guide to Choosing Your Gimbal - Confused by the plethora of gimbal head choices out there? Can't decide which gimbal best suits you? This comparison chart of over 20 gimbal heads might help you sort out the features and pricing, and make that decision easier.
  •    A Guide to Choosing Your Gimbal

  • Other Links:
         An extensive list of topics pertaining to digital bird photography is covered in this informative resource by Bill Majoros -
  •    Secrets of Digital Bird Photography