Fred's interest in photography came before his teens, as he took over the 8mm home movie camera duties on family vacations and snapped photos with an old twin-lens reflex, Polaroid, or any other camera he could get his hands on. By high school, Fred realized his budding interest in drawing and art. After high school, his military service took him to Vietnam, where he created combat briefing graphics for his Army aviation unit. While there he purchased his first 35mm SLR, which he often used from the open door of a Huey chopper buzzing over the jungle and along rivers. He finished his service stateside as a photographer and photo lab technician for an Army photography unit.

     Once again a civilian, Fred developed his fascination with nature and bird photography while completing his commercial art degree. After graduation, he began his work career as a newspaper reporter, feature writer and photographer while also running the newspaper's photo lab. Following that, he spent over a decade working in conventional commercial art and film photography.

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     Then, just as computers took their first steps into the world of digital graphics, Fred pioneered in the new digital technology. He spent the following decade running his own video production and computer graphics business, shooting and editing video, and creating graphics and animations for the video medium.

     The decade that followed brought another sea change, as the World Wide Web crept into the public mainstream. Fred migrated his computer graphics and photography skills into web design, web graphics and 3D animation. That same decade saw the fledgling technology of digital photography develop into a truly practical and exciting medium that meshed perfectly with Fred's artistic and computer graphics skills. For Fred, it seemed a match made in heaven.

      Among Fred's other creative endeavors is the publishing of his first fantasy adventure novel, the first of a trilogy. He is retired from the University of North Carolina system where photography was a routine part of his career as a multimedia designer.

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